Haban court in Sobotište

    Haban court in Sobotište

    The Habans (Hutterites) started coming to the territory of Slovakia in mid-16th century. When the Habans settled down somewhere, they named it a fraternity court. There was no private property – everything was common and religious rules were followed strictly. The first such court in Slovakia was established in 1564 precisely at the edge of the Sobotište village. The Haban village was also a separate economic unit, religious community, administering justice and punishment to its members. Upbringing and education of children was carried out within the village. A Haban bishop resided in this court as well. 

    The Haban court is one of the most significant courts in our country. As the court has been preserved until today, you can see folk houses, Haban belfry, town house, school, pottery workshop, barn, key manufacture or the mill.

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