Late Baroque manor house of the Záhorie gallery in Senica

    Late Baroque manor house of the Záhorie gallery in Senica

    The manor house dates back to 1760. The author of the project was allegedly the Austrian architect Franz Anton Hillebrandt.

    It is a two-storey, three-winged building of a typical symmetric Baroque layout. It has a larger three-axis avant-corps and two smaller slightly protruding two-axis avant-corps on the sides. The manor house was reconstructed in 1978-1984 and has since been used as the seat of the Záhorie gallery, the regional gallery centre operating in the westernmost Slovak region of Záhorie, within the Trnava self-governing region. It was established on 1 December 1984 and opened on 14 December that year. In its professional capacity, it concentrates on the following gallery activities - research, collecting, education, exhibitions, lectures; methodological, documentary, editorial and publication activities.

    In addition to its regional mission of documenting and presenting the artists connected to the region of Záhorie mainly through the series of exhibitions “The Artists of Záhorie” and exhibitions of other Slovak artists, the gallery shows also the works of Czech and Moravian artists, mainly through the cooperation with the long-term partner Gallery of visual art in Hodonín, and organizes the national triennial of the art school students “The Talents”.

    About the manor house

    The facade of the manor house is horizontally divided by a cordon cornice. The ground floor is divided vertically by lesenes with a rustication and the floor by pilasters with cornice capitals. The overall plasticity of the facade is underlined by the winged overdoors over the rectangular windows on the floor. The main entrance is architecturally accentuated by a distinctive portal, featuring pillars with Corinthian capitals, holding a balcony of waved shape with a stone balustrade on the railing. On the garden side of the facade is a reconstructed underpass, designed in the form of a quadrilateral tower on the ground floor with semi-circular arcades and a small chapel on the floor, the ceiling of which shows remnants of an illusional Baroque fresco painting with a figural religious motif.

    On the ground floor, in the middle third of the floorplan, there is a large three-nave courtyard with Prussian vaults, separated by inter-vault strips. On the floor above it is the grand room with a narrow flat ceiling and quality acoustics originally used as music salon. There are mainly Prussian and monastery vaults in the other smaller rooms, the corners sometimes enhanced with semi-circular alcoves. The building is finished off with a sizeable mansard roof with original dormers on each side.

    More details

    Opening hours:
    Tue - Fri: 8:00 - 11:30, 12:30 - 16:00
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    1,00 € - person
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    Záhorská galéria
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