Town museum and gallery in Holíč

    In the past, the museum was located in one of the historic manufactory buildings built by Francis Stephen of Lorraine in 1775. It was a two-storey Baroque-Classicist building. The Holíč faience pottery was manufactured here. There were around eighty employees, and the building contained also employee housing.

    The museum was opened in 1992. It was an external exhibition of the Záhorie Museum in Skalica that included a collection of ceramics. The museum underwent a major change in 2005, when Holíč commemorated the 800th anniversary of the first written mention of the town. In 2009, the town Holíč took over the operations of the museum. That same year, the museum was registered in the Museum and Gallery Register of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. A year later, the museum was moved to new, reconstructed premises of the Holíč castle - the former summer residence of the Habsburgs - where it is located to this day. A new statute of the town museum was approved by the Municipal council of Holíč in 2012, as the museum was enlarged to encompass a gallery. The town museum of Holíč is focused mainly on homeland topics – documenting the history, ethnography of the town, arts and prominent natives and residents. The museum houses an exhibition of guilds and crafts. The largest part thereof was donated to the museum by Jaroslav Prilučík, a master butcher. The exhibition includes replicas of Holíč faience products and models of historical buildings of the town made by Jozef Kuruc. There are also paintings donated by a Holíč native – a non-professional painter Otto Kroupa. His paintings capture the oldest parts of the town - Bethlehem, Chalupy, Chapel of St. Florian, Loretan Chapel, churches, Jewish Synagogue, Windmill and the castle - summer residence of the Habsburg family. The museum shows copies of engravings from 1801 by master Leopold Schmalhofer, depicting Holíč and the Holíč castle. The town museum was expanded in 2012 with additional space for the gallery in the building of the former Holíč ceramics manufactory.

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    at the time of the tours 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00
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    2,00 € / person
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    Turistické informačné centrum
    Zámocká 2, 908 51 Holíč (may-september)
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