Caffe bar & restaurant Collégium

    Caffe bar & restaurant Collégium

    The restaurant Collégium has been developing for almost five years. In this short time, it has managed to make a name for itself and find a place in the hearts of gourmets. The basic principle of the kitchen is the emphasis on the high quality and freshness of ingredients, and a high level of taste and visual innovation. The harmonious combination of these features is reflected not only in the quality and taste, but also in the satisfaction of the customer. In an effort to improve, the restaurant bakes its own bread, grows herbs and serves their own coffee brand.

    This coffee blend is unique and here is the only place in Slovakia where you can buy it. The grains are roasted a little lighter than other coffees, bringing out walnut tones accompanied by a very delicate acidity of the tropical fruit. Bittersweet and chocolate flavours remain as an aftertaste. Collegium is an Arabica/Robusta coffee blend, in the ratio 80% / 20%. Arabica is represented by carefully selected coffee beans from Brazil and Costa Rica. 20% of the blend is made up of Vietnamese Robusta that creates a wonderful "crema" and adds earthiness and body to the taste. The grains are roasted in a small amount each week to guarantee extra freshness and intense aroma and flavour.

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    pondelok – štvrtok: 08:30 – 21:00
    piatok:                   08:30 - 24:00
    sobota:                  10:00 – 23:45
    nedeľa:                  zatvorené
    Restaurant Collégium 
    Námestie svätého Martina 409/5 
    908 51 Holíč
    +421 911 069 577