Mansion park in Stupava

    The mansion park is located in the historical centre of Stupava and gradually merges into the surrounding forests.

    At the edge of the park lies the mansion of Stupava, whose last owners the Károlyis established a park in the style of English gardens. Part of the park is used by the retirement home occupying the mansion.

    There is a romantic lake behind the mansion, with wooden benches where you can observe the water birds. To the north of the mansion lies the “Malý park” (Small park) where children can enjoy the playground.

    There is a horse chestnut alley in the park, where you can find also other rare tree species. The Stupava spring flows through the park; there are several footbridges.

    Google maps offer several views of the park via 360° photos (Lake, Small park, Stupava spring, and others).
    There is also a football pitch with athletic track and ball-game courts.

    Originally, there was a count's brewery, mill and several ponds. Nowadays, the park is maintained and gradually renovated.