Education trail Beaver dam

    Education trail Beaver dam

    The water reservoir in Kuchyňa village is a simple reservoir, popular among fishermen and in the summer months attracting visitors thanks to bathing and camping opportunities. Its popularity increased significantly when the 1800 m long educational trail Beaver dam was built in 2015.

    The educational trail leads around the reservoir, over a footbridge, alongside the shore and through the adjacent forest. Romantic old willows and water birds offer picturesque photo opportunities.
    The most attractive part of the trail is the 300 m long wooden suspension gangplank. It lies about half a meter above the water surface and the entire section is without a rail. However, it is wide enough and you can walk in both directions.

    You can walk around the whole reservoir and if you are lucky, you can spot the local beavers to which the Beaver dam trail owes its name, as well as carps and trouts.
    The beautiful surroundings of the Kuchyňa water reservoir inspired also the Slovak rapper Majk Spirit for the music video of the song “Skúsme to v mieri“ (“Let´s try it in peace“) (
    The educational trail Beaver dam and the wooden gangplank was constructed in 2015, however the trail is closed since spring 2017 due to reconstruction of the wooden gangplank.


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