Miléniový kríž (Millenium Cross) Viewpoint

    Miléniový kríž (Millenium Cross) Viewpoint

    Next to the road from Rybky village in direction Oreské, in the vicinity of Smrdáky and Rohov, the biggest cross in Slovakia looms on the top of the hill Virovská.

    This majestic cross was built and consecrated in 2000 to the glory of Jesus Christ on the occasion of the anniversary of his birth. That is why it is called the Millenium Cross, but you can often hear the name Jubilejný kríž (Jubilee Cross).
    The cross is 27 m high with a span of 9 m. A colourful relief lies in the crossing part, with five doves symbolizing the five continents.

    The lower part of the cross houses the chapel of the Divine Mercy, where a mass takes place every year the first Sunday after Easter and on the Feast of the Cross day in September as well as a pilgrimage every other Easter Sunday. The relic of St. Faustine, who was canonized by the Pope in 2000, is located in the chapel.

    The surroundings of the cross were shaped up in 2009 and 14 simple crosses were added to the nice access path, symbolizing the fourteen Stations of the Cross. Benches alongside the path invite to rest and contemplation.
    The site is well-kept and clean. The cross was built by the village Rybka, with praiseworthy cooperation of people from nearby villages.